Sept. 9-12, Sept. 16-19, Sept. 23-26 Bulk Post

Throughout the last three weeks, I have worked on various projects in numerous stages of completion.

During the first week (9/9 – 9/12) 4 hours worked each day

  • Red-lined Fire Station in final stages of completion on Kiawah Island
  • Edited pre-existing project for the College of Charleston, an ADA ramp, with notes from the project structural engineer. This consisted of adding various structural elements from new layouts of CMU piers to adding steel connections to joists and pre-existing structures

During the second week (9/16 – 9/19) 4 hours worked each day

  • Created presentation graphics for an MUSC office renovation; plans in illustrator and creating various presentation tools.
  • Input surveyor information into Revit for residential project and updated old drawings with regards to existing structures on the site as well as new structures that were not present when the old drawings were finished.
  • Drew field study plans for Emanu-el Synagogue kitchen renovation project for Mr. Steve Coe (partner/owner of firm)
  • Input and organized structural detail drawings into a firm-wide library for simplification of drawing processes. In the event a project calls for a certain detail, these drawings can be used as pre-drawn elements pulled into the drawing set or foundations for project specifications.
  • I also spent a short time furthering my education in Revit

During the third week (9/23 – 9/26) 4 hours worked each day

  • Spent more time each day working on as-built drawings for the Hilton Head Island Fire Station No. 2 as well as verifying contractor submittals and entering them into Excel for firm records and organization of the close out process.
  • Also continued work on the College of Charleston ADA ramp further editing and cleaning drawings in between other work.
  • Spent time in review of my work and drawings with my mentor to discuss the edits and talked about structural importance as well as why certain things fit together and how drawings are interpreted by contractors, subcontractors, etc.


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