Week 9.23 – 9.26

9.23.19 Practice Management | Construction & Evaluation | Project Planning & Design, 6 hours

  • All staff meeting
  • Updated Hip & Knee CD drawings
  • Reprogrammed the schematic layout of Tenent Health project based on client feedback

9.24.19 Project Planning & Design, 6 hours

  • Continued to work on the schematic layout of Tenent Health project
  • SD Labor & Delivery pricing package – worked on sheet layout and elevations

9.25.19 Practice Management | Project Planning & Design, 5.25 hours

  • Architectural active projects staff meeting
  • BSSF Therapy programming – created plans and excel sheets documenting the existing SF of specific rooms and overall areas in the building
  • SD Labor & Delivery pricing package

9.26.19 Project Planning & Design | Construction & Evaluation, 5.75 hours

  • SD Labor & Delivery pricing package
  • Slight modifications/addition to the BSSF Therapy programming document



  • This week I learned the importance of group coordination meetings. There are a lot of projects going on at Novus right now and everyone is working very hard to meet deadlines. Our Wednesday architecture team meeting consisted of a lot of coordination and time management planning. On the bright side, we were able to manage schedules and reorganize what people were working on in order to meet immediate deadlines. On the downside, people will have to jump on projects that they don’t know too much about. Additionally, high priority work with slightly later deadlines have to be tabled for next week after the team gets through this week of deadlines.
  • While working on the Tenent Health project, I learned more about healthcare design, specifically the adjacency of certain rooms. There are many of rules of thumb for healthcare design that I’m starting to learn and remember. Next week when we transition from bubble diagrams to modeling walls and equipment I’ll be able to get more in depth with these requirements.

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