Apr. 8th- Apr. 12th Weekly Log and Summary (Completed Hours)

Apr. 8th- Apr. 12th Weekly Log and Summary


On Monday I began building a sketchup model of the Calhoun Annex so that I could make renderings of several proposed entrance canopies that could be taken to the BAR.  I spent most of this time modeling the existing conditions.

          AXP: Programming & Analysis


On Tuesday, Ben asked me to come up with a few different versions of the canopy over the next couple days and model them in the Calhoun Annex model.  

          AXP: Programming & Analysis


On Wednesday I continued modeling different canopies and began modeling the existing fire exit in the back of the property.  I also drafted a couple details for the James Island Library culture walk.

          AXP: Programming & Analysis, Project Planning & Design


On Thursday I worked on the Calhoun Annex model, specifically a new proposed fire exit stair onto ATT’s property.  

          AXP: Programming & Analysis


This week was the first time I was able to come up with some ideas rather than model based on existing conditions or previously drawn plans.  It was interesting trying to have the right amount of variation to include based on the precedents of the area.


This was also the week I finished up my official hours for my internship.  I feel like I was able to see, do, and learn quite a bit in this time about office life in the firm, practical applications and details, as well the process of many different types of projects including preservation.  I’m looking forward to continuing for the rest of the semester and through the summer.


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