SMHa 3.11 – 3.14

3.11 – 0 hrs.

3.12 – 5 hrs.

NRCA detail review and detail drafting, as well as COMcheck.

Lunch and learn for WS Nielson Contrarcting in regards to Parasoleil screens.

3.13 – 4 hrs.

COMcheck areas, subsystems and r-value spreadsheets

3.14 – 4 hrs.

COMcheck subsystems and r-value spreadsheets

Summary – 

This week was spent working on COMcheck for a few different projects again. Spreadsheets were created to fill out the previously hatched areas in elevation along with their referenced sheet and wall system type noted. Along with this, a sheet was created to calculated and track the R-value for these various areas. This will then be placed into the system to test the building. Which will be done after break! I’ve come to notice how much I appreciate the lunch and learns at SMHa. At prior internships, the topics were not always as interesting to me. Every week here I learn something new and interesting. It goes to show there’s more to the job beyond the screen. We discussed screening methods by Parasoleil. But they also offer cladding, railing, and awning options. Particularly I was interested when the topic of biomimcry was brought up, as over the last couple of years I have increasingly grown interested in the topic. In their case, it was more of an aesthetic application but none the less I liked it!

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