Week of 3/11-13


Today I worked from 8-12pm and I helped organize Revit for the office. I added all of the 2D work from their Revit projects into a central Revit template so the office can easily pull from it when they are working on a project. I also sat in on a meeting about a new fire station in Mt. Pleasant that’s being built by RCA. They went over schematic design options and one story vs. two story building would look like. This would go under Project Development and Documentation.



Today I worked on making a model in Revit for a potential project. I used the survey and floor plans they gave to make the model. I feel like I am getting better in Revit from practicing a lot. This would be under Programming and Analysis.



Today I worked on inserting the 2D details form previous Revit projects into the office template so future use is easier. I also did red lines for the project MUSC Wellness Locker Room that RCA is working on. I did a lot of research on codes and in the IBC to figure out occupancy and plumbing requirements. This would go under Construction and Evaluation.



Did not work due to two doctor apt.

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