John Murden: Feb. 18-22 Weekly Logs and Summary

On Monday I continued working on renderings and boards for our Awendaw Fire Station Project.  I had been updating the sketchup model based on the most recent modifications so that we would have new rendering for a meeting with the town council and review board.  

On Tuesday I worked more on the model of the chapel at Bishop Gadsden.  The project is to replace and expand the existing organ loft, so I was creating the existing structure with the organ modeled as well as views with the loft extension and massing for the new organ.  

On Wednesday I continued working on modeling the organ loft and chapel. I also researched more about the upcoming site visit for the Sandy Island School preservation project.  I worked on a test of the photogrammetry that they asked me to try on this project for documentation purposes.

On Thursday I went for the whole day on the Sandy Island site visit.  It’s located near Pawleys Island and Brookgreen Gardens. While there we met with community members to go over goals for the project and learn more about the history from the people who actually went to school in this 2 room school house.  I also helped documenting existing conditions and dimensions.


This week was very busy because of the site visit and the number of projects I worked on.  In the preceding weeks I had mostly been working on modeling the Awendaw Fire Station. This week gave me good experience in multitasking and moving from project to project.  I was able to learn more about the preservation side of the office and continued to expand my knowledge in some of the different modeling and rendering programs that we use as well as research new photogrammetry documentation software, as we don’t have the same software that I had learned on in the past.


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