March Internship

My internship with Palmetto Green has started to pick up with the seasonal shift. More new clients are starting to reach out to my boss (Rick) and ask for designs. There are also two big projects using a landscape architect (Katie refers her clients to Rick, and they work on a few projects together) that […]

2-26, 2-27

Yesterday I did more driving around than working. I helped Jamie with some maintenance (weedeating and hedging) at a house, but then it started raining so we switched gears and our boss had me accompany him to a store to buy a replacement part of a Big Green Egg because his English is minimal. Today, […]


¬†Today I helped Jamie (“Haime”, one of our foremen at Palmetto Green who speaks little English) install a small backyard deck with lighting made out of IPE wood.¬† By “help” I mean I basically just watched and was on hand to assist in holding boards while he cut them…I soaked up all the knowledge I […]