March Internship

My internship with Palmetto Green has started to pick up with the seasonal shift. More new clients are starting to reach out to my boss (Rick) and ask for designs. There are also two big projects using a landscape architect (Katie refers her clients to Rick, and they work on a few projects together) that are developing in the next few weeks. Most of my design work uses Garden Puzzle, which is just quick snapshots of facades of houses. I do not usually deal with plans, however, if a client goes through Katie the landscape architect, she will make them a plan and then she will send it to Rick to work on, and at this point, he has started to let me take a look at them as well. He has had me estimate costs from square footage of materials, and also the plants that Katie suggests in the plans. Rick dropped me off at one of the houses on Tuesday, and actually left me there alone with the plans to familiarize myself with the property and come up with questions for Katie and the homeowner as well as suggestions and notes. It was an awesome feeling to be at a site alone and to be trusted. This particular house required some major demo work and there are multiple contractors involved.

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