Daniel Casanova- Week Seven

Hours: 17.9       AXP: 17.9 This week at JMO, I assisted in gluing up plywood components to be used for future closet parts. I also made up custom pieces to fit in a maple shelve before it is taken to the paint booth.  This pieces had to be mitered on the corners to fit […]

Daniel Casanova- Week Six

Hours: 16       AXP: 16 This week at JMO, I assisted a co-worker in gluing up components to some MEDEX sheets and placing them in the vacuum seal.  After the glue cured, I proceeded to continued the prep work that had to be done before taking them to the paint booth. This prep work […]

Daniel Casanova-Week Five

Hours: 16       AXP: 16 This week at JMO, I began the milling process for a “fence” component at a length of 108 7/8″ that will later be taken down to final dimension. I began by collecting two quarter poplar that would yield a width of at least 12″. Once I had the boards […]

Daniel Casanova- PROMPT ONE

The aspect that was discussed with my mentor was the client/contractor relationships. 1. Always thinking about the client because they are the ones who will call when something is falling apart. The relationship becomes about the built work and how to facilitate the process.  2. Maintaining ongoing working relationships with contractors by hitting the mark […]

Daniel Casanova- Week Three

Hours: 16       AXP: 16 This week at JMO, I worked on prepping door components for the house we are working on. This included taking them to the Y belt sander and sanding them to almost flushed. From there, I sanded them flushed using the orbital sander. I also assisted in gluing parts together […]