Jed Donkle | GBA | Week 6

October 24, 2022 [3.5 Hours]

  • Colleton County Voter Registration Center
    • Continued working on Lobby / Registration Counter
      • AXP Hours: 3.5 (Project Planning & Design)

October 25, 2022 [3 Hours]

  • Joint Base Charleston, Bldg. 578
    • Continued working on the Louver detail to complete the 95% Design submittal
      • AXP Hours: 3 (Project Development & Documentation)

October 26, 2022 [0 Hours]

  • Out of office for Community Build concrete pour

October 27, 2022 [3.5 Hours]

  • Colleton County Voter Registration Center
    • Received the MEP Revit model and linked it into our model to begin working on the reflected ceiling plan as well as determine how the MEP elements may change our design
      • AXP Hours: 3.5 (Project Planning & Design)



  • This week I completed the louver and insulated translucent panel details for Joint Base Charleston Bldg. 578. While working with Shawn on this project, I learned that cutting holes into existing walls is not as easy as it may seem. It involves a lot of communication with the structural engineers as well as verifying that the existing drawings, structural drawings, and architectural drawings are all coordinated/communicated properly so that the proposed opening can be built.

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