Shelton Stevenson |SGA|NW| Week 9

Wednesday 11-9-22 (8am-12pm)

Job Title: Jane Edwards

To start off my short week at my internship I started off by going through each floor plan and labeling all of the doors the right door number. Some of the double door number changed so I had to change those as well. After I finished labeling all of the door on floor plans I started labeling all the windows on the first and second floor. All of the windows where labeled by with W and the room number. I worked on that until it was time for me to leave for the day.

Thursday 11-10-22 (8am-12pm)

Job Title: Jane Edwards

On Thursday i started off by working on labeling the windows. Once i was almost done i had my weekly meeting with my mentor Mark. We just talked about my fall break and what big opportunities that where coming up that i could take advantage of. After the meeting with my mentor, i started working on the door schedule. The door schedule was letting the reader know what each door tag meant what its function was its number and what type of sign and where the sign goes. That concluded my short week at my internship.

Total AXP Hours: 8

Skills Learned:

On this short week of my internship i learned about a door schedule and how they work to communicate what each door means.  Also this tell what kind of label each door gets and also where the sign goes. Whether that on the door or on the outside of the door. Anything that a contractor wanted to know they could get it form the door schedule.

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