Shelton Stevenson |SGA| NW| Week 8

Monday 10-31-22 (8am-12pm)

Every Monday morning we always start off with our weekly Monday morning meetings. These meetings are used to reflect on our weekend as well as discuss what we have to focus on for the week. We also inform everyone on upcoming events that our job may be having later on down the road.

Job Title: Jane Edwards  Paint & Signage

So this week I started by working on my third elevation for the project. With these elevations they show what colors will be around each door and on what hallways each elevation is on. I tagged the stage colors as well as the back wall section. I had to use the signage key to label each color and which section. After labeling each section i saved all of my elevations as pdf and printed them out for my teammate that I was working on the project.

Tuesday 11-1-22 (8am-2:40pm)

Job Title: Jane Edwards Paint & Signage

Tuesday morning I started off by making edits to the sheets in the file. I had to edit the cover sheet the schedule sheet as well as the signage sheet. These sheets had the labels for each color on them, different symbols as well as the different floor plans that we were going to take elevations from. After I made edits to all of these sheets I went back and started makin edits on the stage elevation. I had a few things that got marked up from my teammate on this part of the project. Before i left we had a meeting with the CEO of the company. He talked about the next steps for the company and what changes where going to start taking place in the company.

Wednesday 11-2-22 (8am-12pm)

Job Title: Jane Edwards Paint & Signage

Wednesday morning I started I had my weekly meeting with mark. We just discussed what I had accomplished over this week and how my progress was going. After our meeting I went back to making edits to the stage elevation, making sure it was reading the way we want it to be read. After I finished that I copied over the A102 A103 A201 A202 onto different sheets. After copping them i started tagging the sections and what colors went where throughout the elevations.

Thursday 11-3-22 (8am-12pm)

Job Title: Jane Edwards Paint & Signage

Thursday morning i started by working on more tagging for the elevations. While working on I paused to work on another project on 518 East Bay Street. I had to go make sure that all of the rooms where on each floor. I had to go floor by floor to make sure the rooms where on the right floor. After going through all 6 floors i went back to working on Jane Edwards for the rest of the day.


Total AXP Hour: 18.5

Skills Learned:

This week I continued to elevate my skills in Revit. Working with construction documents is just another piece of what I am learning while at the internship. Learning how to tag elevation and what the proper way to tag it was and how it goes so that who is reading the construction sheets the right way. Also meeting with the CEO of the company was a great experience to see how he wanted to move forward with the company and the new changes.

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