Erin Doering | SMHa | Week 4

Projects worked – Carolina Yacht Club Boathouse

Project managers – Jeff Johnston

10/3/2022 – Monday

AXP hours – 4 (Project Planning and Design)

This week I continued my efforts in modeling the site at the Carolina Yacht Club Boathouse using Sketchup. This will help create perspective views from nearby docks and the water on the site. I am also modeling a proposed floating structure on the water to show to the clients.

09/27/2022 – Tuesday

AXP hours –4 (Project Planning and Design)

I continued my efforts in modeling the site at the Carolina Yacht Club Boathouse using Sketchup, especially focusing on the topology. I also attended a lunch and learn about building energy codes, calculating the R-value of exterior walls, and getting COMcheck approval.

09/28/2022 – Wednesday

AXP hours – 0

I skipped my internship today to tie up some loose ends for studio.

09/29/2022 – Thursday

AXP hours – 4 (Project Planning and Design)

I continued my efforts on the Carolina Yacht Club boathouse site model in Sketchup. I also attended the seminar at the Cigar Factory for all graduate interns and their mentors. We discussed resiliency through historic solutions with an emphasis on climate change and its effect on Charleston.

Lessons learned:

This week, I learned that government plays a large role in the profession of architecture through two different experiences. Upon learning about energy codes at the lunch and learn, I realized that each state delegates what year of energy codes we follow as architects. South Carolina does not follow the latest and greatest energy code and the members of the firm discussed the possible reasons. It made me question who is responsible for pushing better codes and standards? It could be the architects, but we have to do it in a skillful way that persuades our clients and our culture that a more energy efficient building is worth the extra dollar at the forefront of the building’s lifecycle. This discussion coincidentally came up again during the internship lunch seminar in which we talked about the effects of climate change on Charleston. The solution can be tricky as there are examples in other municipalities and countries might not work in Charleston specifically. That’s where designers and advocates at the local level come in to provide creative solutions and heavy persuasion to slowly move the needle to a more energy-efficient built environment. Fingers crossed and pencils up!

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