Kyle Kane | LOWE | WEEK 3

Project: Public Engagement 

Project Manager: Jacob Lindsey 


Tuesday – 09.27.22

Most of the office was at the company convention at Wild Dunes, so I was one of three people in the office. I worked most of the day trying to research dates of properties and projects. Until the PUDs come through from the city, I can try to find more history for my timeline.

Axp. hours: 4     Category: Project Development & Documentation

Wednesday – 09.28.22 

Today was similar to Tuesday, but I needed to wait for someone to come to let me into the office. The day’s special project was prepping for the public engagement event and an executive site visit.

Axp. hours: N/A      Category: —

Thursday – 09.29.22

This was the big day. In the morning I sat in on a meeting with the city’s planners regarding the development of the master plan and scheme. With the storm the event had to be downsized, but it was still a good turnout! Attached are a few images from it.

Axp. hours: 4      Category: Project Development & Documentation

Lesson Learned

Sitting in on the city planner’s meeting was very interesting and informative to be apart of. It was interesting to see how many people are included in these types of discussions and the questions and concerns that are brought up. Having the architectural training, I feel like I was able to digest the information a lot easier/quicker than the other people in the room. The most important thing I took away from this was that good preparation prevents poor performance.

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