Kyle Kane | LOWE | WEEK 2

Project: Entitlement Research 

Project Manager: Jacob Lindsey 


Tuesday – 09.20.22

This was my last day compiling qualitative data into my presentation. I also was tasked to create a population density map for downtown Charleston.

Axp. Hours: 4      Category: Programing & Analysis

Wednesday – 09.21.22 

I began my day finishing my graphic for the downtown area, then was introduced to my second mini-project which is another research, oriented one. I was given the task of tracking down old PUDs and Zoning documents for a couple development projects. This will be to have a comparable example with ~ hopefully ~ an accurate build-out percentage.

Axp. Hours: 4      Category: Project Development & Documentation

Thursday – 09.22.22

This was spent sending requests for access to the documents from the City permitting office. I also sat down with Jacob to talk through a couple public engagement events happening soon. I will be tasked with more responsibility in the operations of the event and gathering of opinions of the public.

Axp. Hours: 2.5   Category: Project Development & Documentation


Lesson Learned

The thing I learned this week was in my conversation with Jacob. We talked about the importance eon public engagement and frequent engagement with the people in the area in these large redevelopment projects. Obviously, you do not want to only make something that will generate a lot of revenue and get it to city standards. The other part, which is the harder part, is to try to push and pull with the public so that the amenities and concerns of the the everyday user will be addressed before the first footing is poured. The challenge is in the saying you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink; we can show them what will generate revenue and improve the structural, social, and economic values of the city, but people will only see what they want to.


Bonus: Here is a picture of the crew from our previous site visit !

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