Jerome Simiyon – Prompt 1



Discussion included various topics under Contracts. I learned how contracts work and how it’ll help in conflict management. Contracts play a very important role in practice. 


What is the difference between a proposal and a contract?

A proposal is a document that describes the scope of work and services that will be provided by the architect. The proposal is less of a legal document. On the other hand, Contracts are legal documents where both the architect and the client are obligated to the terms of the contract either financially or by providing services. 


Owner Architect contract and Architect Engineer contract:

Contract between the Architect and Owner will either be an AIA contract or a contract prepared by either of the parties. This contract will create an agreement between both the parties for the services to be provided by the Architect and the Financial responsibilities of the Client. This contract will also describe the schedule for the delivery of services mentioned in the contract.

Architect Engineer contract is the contract between Architect and Mechanical/Electrical engineer. These contracts will determine the fee, schedule and type of services that will be provided by the engineer/firm. This contract is only between the Architect and the engineers. Therefore, it is the Architect’s responsibility to monitor, supervise and oversee the services provided by them.   


How long are the contracts valid for? Do they expire?

Usually contracts are for a certain period of time between a year or two years depending on the scale of the project and services to be provided. These contracts expire after that time period. Renewing the contract after it expires is in the interest of both the parties.     


Apart from these contracts Architects play a critical role in Construction Administration. The owner/client will establish a contract with the contractor. If the Architect owner contract includes Construction administration services, the Architect will serve as a mediator between client and contractor to oversee if the services and work are done in appropriate manner. The Architect will also help resolve the conflicts that arise during different phases of the project.  

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