Hannah Moss | Rosenblum Coe Architects | Week 12

Monday 03/28/2022:   Weekly meeting. Asked to work on admin work, meeting minutes from the last OAC meeting for one of Steves projects.  Located several files to help with a project Steve was looking for on the backup server. (AXP Hours: 4:45)

Tuesday 03/29/2022:  Count work for BCSD  with detailing (AXP Hours: 3:00)

Wednesday 03/30/2022: Count work for BCSD  with detailing (AXP Hours: 4:00)

Thursday 03/31/2022: First round of elevation drawings for redlining were set up on sheets and printed out for review. Started a new project for BCSD. Red cedar Elementary is adding a sunscreen to the side of the building and I needed to draw a building footprint to grasp the scope of the job. Also added Sheet for referendum work on red cedar. (AXP Hours: 4:00)

Friday 03/25/2022: Count work for BCSD(AXP Hours: 4:00)

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