Hannah Moss | Rosenblum Coe Architects | Week 1

Wednesday 1/12/2022: First day of interning I was instructed to go through and annotate redlines in refit for Stokes Mazda. (AXP Hours: 4:30)

Thursday 1/13/2022: Count. of work from Stokes Mazda redlines and started on creating a wall section based off of existing drawings. Stokes Mazda is up for their 5 year renovation which they are allowed to skip once and its been 10 years so they are updating the entire building. The exterior will be removed and alucobond metal siding will be attached with furring channels that have to be installed.  My job was to show this in section view. (AXP Hours: 4:30)

Friday 1/14/2022: Count. of the work from the wall section on Stokes Mazda. (AXP Hours: 4:30)

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