Jessica Longhurst – Week 9 – 10.25.2021 to 10.28.2021 LS3P

Week 9:

Monday: Whiteboard assistance to Emily and Laura (2)

Tuesday: Scanning Parish House documents for Nikos (.5), Parish House Work (3)

Wednesday: OUT SICK

Thursday: Photoshop editing for St.Gregory Presentation and Battery Design (3.5)

Hours this week: 9

Practice Management: 0 Hours

Project Management: 0 Hours

Programming & Analysis: 0 Hours

Project Planning & Design: 0 Hours

Project Development & Documentation: 9 Hours

Construction & Evaluation: 0 Hours

Total: 9  Hours

This week I worked with interiors and got to make a “mood board” kind of thing. In order to get their furniture plan scheme selection in place. I helped them gather ideas from their Pinterest board and create a presentation for the clients. There was a vast array of different elements within the images selected. However, they seemed to have a similarity that stitched them together in a thematic sense. I also got to work on a concession stand with bathroom stalls for the Battery Soccer Center for Charleston. I got to sketch out some ideas for a canopy  that could potentially be placed over the concession stand.

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