Jessica Longhurst – Week 10 – 11.01.2021 to 11.04.2021 LS3P

Week 10: 

Monday: Worked on studio, Maybe .25 Hours of work checking in

Tuesday: Scans and Photoshop updates, Revit updates to Battery Model (4)

Wednesday: Scans and Photoshop updates, Revit updates to Battery Model (2), Meeting with City Council Officials for 334 Calhoun Project (1), 

Thursday: Set up Revit Model File for 134 Columbus Street Demolition Project for Ted (3) Parish Hall Formatting (.5) Commute to Ashley Meeting (.5)

Hours this week: 11 Hours

I got to briefly work on the Charleston Battery Soccer Team Stadium addition. Once again, I learned some Revit lessons. I made great progress in understanding how stairs and railings work in revit and how to change their materiality. I also feel like I am a master at scanning documents at this point. If I cannot get an image to come through with a clear background, I have refined my skill of removing backgrounds on photoshop down to a science. This internship has made me appreciate Adobe Creative Cloud more than I ever thought I would. I can throw a presentation together effortlessly, edit messed up scans in moments, and create diagrams to help explain an idea much faster than I ever did in an analog fashion.

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