RJ Gross | Beau Clowney Architects | Week 12

*This is my final week*


This week I worked a total of 8 hours and earned 8 AXP hours.

For my final week of work, I wrapped up projects that I have been work on for various colleagues in the office. I wrapped up interior elevations for a residence in Sullivan’s Island. I also made various changes to another project on Sullivan’s Island. This included changes to the Front porch stair, which had to be changed in plan and elevation views. I also made redline corrections for electrical plan and reflected ceiling plan.

This week was the end of my internship at Beau Clowney Architects. I enjoyed my time working and learned so much about how residential architecture works not only downtown and off the peninsula but also all residential projects in general. In comparison to the commercial firm I previously worked at, I enjoyed the client relationship and attention to detail residential architecture requires. This experience is especially valuable to me because this is the kind of firm I hope to start one day on my own.

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