Esther Odeke — Liollio Architecture — Week Seven

LOG SUMMARY: 10/11-10/14   |   7  hours


10/11 – Fall Break

10/12 – Fall Break



  • worked 3 hours
  • continued working on SketchUp model
  • went on a site visit to another project
  • AXP Hours: 3



  • worked 4 hours
  • continued working on SketchUp model
  • AXP Hours: 4


This week I continued working on the ECHS Project in preparation for the site model. I’ve been continuing to model the site in SketchUp, using Google Earth Pro to gather information concerning building heights and dimensions. Along with the work on ECHS, I was also able to participate in a site visit to a project over in West Ashley called Bender Park. It is a lookout located near the water that is currently under construction. Getting to walk through the site was very helpful in seeing some of details that go into construction — the basic foundations and framework that constitute the building structure.


Below is a process image of the site I’ve been modeling for the ECHS project.

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