Alex McKeel – 10/11-10/15 – Rosenblum Coe

Total Hours: 8.5

I did not work on Monday or Tuesday because I was on fall break. On Wednesday I got caught up with how the Stokes Mazda project was progressing after the long weekend and went to an on-site meeting with the client and two of the architects at my firm. We discussed the changes to the dealership and how we plan to communicate with ChangeUp to negotiate those changes with the financial interests of the owners in mind. I took detailed notes throughout the entire meeting as we presented our drawings and walked throughout the site, documenting details throughout the building that are contributing to the drainage and septic issues the owners are experiencing. Thursday I worked for 2 hours on the Stokes Mazda ceiling plans and floor finish plans and then spent the rest of the day setting up the new computers that we had ordered the week before for the whole office.

What I learned:

I learned how Rosenblum Coe specifically presents progress in a project to the clients, which gives me insights on how any firm in general communicates with their clients. I learned how it can be quite a challenge in some respects to understand exactly what a client wants, and sometimes when the client doesn’t even know what they want you have to lead them to an answer. I also learned a lot about drainage and septic systems just throughout the meeting as we were studying the issues as the owners brought them up for the first time in this meeting.

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