RJ Gross | Beau Clowney Architects | Week 6


This week I worked a total of 16 hours and earned 16 AXP hours.

This week I worked on two projects. The first was finishing the addition to the Mount Pleasant house I worked on last week. The second was a site plan for a project on Sullivan’s Island. This was my first chance to see how we start a new project pre-design. After a client chooses us for their project, we always say we can’t start anything without a Site Survey. I contacted the surveying company and got the files of the site. I made adjustments to the drawing file to make it match our drawing style and added our information such as setbacks and other site regulations. From here the partners of the firm (Beau & Kate) will meet with the client either through zoom or in person to start the design process.

This week I learned how we start a project and just how vital a land survey is especially on beach lots like Sullivan’s Island. There are many site rules or “red tape” we have to go through, such as set backs. For many of our projects trees become a huge obstacle as it usually frowned upon to cut down large trees and there are strict rules to protect them.

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