Delaney Skelly – Weekly Entry: Log Summary

Weekly Entry: Log Summary – Delaney Skelly

Monday September 13th – Thursday September 16th, Also did work from home Sunday the 12th

Time Worked 

  • Sunday (At Home) 9-12:30
  • Monday 11-2:00
  • Tuesday 9-3:00
  • Wednesday 9-12:00 
  • Thursday 9-3:00


Tasks Performed

  • Sunday I worked at home because we had a Tuesday deadline for the Cumbaa tile drawings to be completed and sent back to the client. I worked to have those prepared well.  
  • Monday I worked the majority of my time on the Cumbaa tile project, I was updating changes in floor plans, drain location, tile selections, shower niches, shower heads etc. I then compiled it into a PDF and will just need to review and finish it up Tuesday morning. 
  • Tuesday I focused on finalizing the tile drawings as well as consulting with the tile manufacturer, client and designer to choose the final options. I had sent different iterations after our walk through so today I compiled the final document to be sent in regards to ordering and construction. Grout was decided on yesterday so that got updated in all the documents as well.   
  • Wednesday we started design boards for the Cumbaa project and layed out all design decisions that have already been made, listed decisions and furniture that needed to be made and purchased. We will be meeting with the client next week to go over furniture selection for most rooms, paint colors, and finishes throughout so we are just preparing for that. 
  • Thursday I worked alone on a list of things that need to be done for our meeting next week. I worked on furniture dimensions to see what space we had/needed to fill, picked out options of furniture based on the clients taste and decisions at the Market when they visited. I am adding to the design board we created and taking note of what needs to be ordered/get final approval on for purchase. 


Work Accomplished (AXP Hours Earned) 

I am not sure yet exactly how to do this/get these approved but I am keeping track. 


Lessons Learned 

This week was one of my first weeks focusing a lot on the design side rather than computer work. I started to form my first design board, based on previous furniture decisions and started researching for new purchases. It is interesting to work for someone that isn’t “your taste” but makes it look good at the same time. I learned about what goes into a design board, for instance you can’t just pick a table and that be it. We had to search by dimension, create custom options and then have to propose multiple options that all work together for the client to decide from. It is a lot more work then just pasting something together, like many people think happens. Overall, it has been a great week and I have enjoyed starting to learn more about the design decision side and am happy to spend less time on the computer drafting, although I do enjoy doing that very much also.    


Records of Work 

Project Title: Cumbaa Residence 

Project Location: Daniel Island

Project Scope: New Construction Large Residence

Project Manager: Beverly Bohan

Role of the Student: Following last week’s site walk through I was tasked with helping the clients visualize the final iterations/next steps by creating, updating, and describing the drawings. I focused specifically on rooms with tile for install day, but also worked on other configurations. After the tile was finalized and sent to manufacturer, I was tasked with updating the furniture plans and researching more furniture options for our next week client meeting.


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