Interviewee: Kameron Quick


Author Dana Cuff defines Praxis in her text, Architecture: The Story of Practice: “architecture [is] a practice or collection of practices, an art.” Ask your mentor to expand on one of the following aspects of architectural practice as it relates to their praxis: 

We had a discussion about two aspects of architectural practice:

  • design/critiques 
  • client/contractor relationships

Notes from the conversation:

-It is important to recognize how you communicate well.

-How do you best show when conveying a message to a client?

-Do not show final (renderings, etc.) – you need feedback

-Do not show a client something you do not like

-Understanding power dynamics in the room

-Manage cares of each member of a team

-What is the story of the project?

-One big design move or concept – the parti.

-Design build works for the contractor – they are the client

-Good partner to manage budget and schedule

-Less Design, Bid, Build then there used to be

-Trusted advisor role – advisory role over contractor

-Design first

-Business supports practice

Three ethical questions or circumstances that are integral in that aspect of practice:

  1. How do you best show when conveying a message to a client without presenting something “overly-ambitious?”
  2. Is it ethical to listen or side with a contractor or engineer and cut corners when it seems necessary for the budget?
  3. Would you consider presenting a design that you are discouraged about just to show more production? What if that ends up being the scheme chosen?


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