Maddi Riester | Tyler A. Smyth Architects | 09.06.21-09.10.21

Hours: 16.75 AXP: 16.75

What a week. On Tuesday, I drove to King Street to pick up some documents and then afterwards, headed to the Isle of Palms to catch the ferry to submit a proposal to the ARB and came back to start filing away some old documents from pervious designs. Skipping ahead to Thursday, my boss and I went out to James Island to Killians home, where they are wanting to convert the room above the garage, a bedroom for their two boys. My boss and I took some measurements and strategized how we can convert the room into a bedroom, while cutting into the wall to make closet space and adding an additional room for a washer/dryer unit. The real fun began when we left…

Due to the rain and it being high tide, water was everywhere. Headed back to the office we ran into flooded streets and my boss and I ended parking near the Cigar factory and walked back to the office, awhile the water came past my knees.

I ended the week with doing Wall Section Details for the Young Residence.

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