April 1st- Site Visit (from zach si at BCA)

Justin and I went to a general monthly meeting with the contractor, owner and architect meeting at one of our job sites. Our firm is designing a swimming club for this newly developed neighborhood in John’s Island.

The framing is finished and electrical is being installed.

During the meeting the contractor asked out the placement of the maintenance switch for the HVAC unit and that was the only thing that I remembered. Little did we know more issues will present themselves during the walk through.

The columns on outside pavilions were not what is called for in the drawings. In the drawings they are hollow steel versus the 8 by 8 rough cut timber that is being installed on site. This not only created a problem aesthetically but also created problems of where the electrical conduit to be run for the lights in the ceiling. A solution was not provided during, but to revisit at a later time.

And one part of a fire sprinkler pipe were installed too low, thus the the whole ceiling has to come down or create a box around it. I learned a lot from this walk thru and most important take away is that if all the parties are patient enough and have an attitude of wanting to solve all the issues a project will get finished on time and to a general satisfaction to everyone.

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