Breland Land | Haute Design | 4.12.21-4.15.21

Hours: 12


Monday: Stafford wanted a new drawing for their shelf wall. I messed up the drawing by adding the door width to the existing wall instead of including it in the existing wall dimensions. So now I know how to read the sketches people give me to draw on cad better! I organized files into the client binders and began drawing the plans for the Nale project using the measurements we took last week.

Tuesday: I began the day changing the Stafford elevation again because they wanted a new way to organize the shelves. We gave them 2 options. One having all shelves and the other having some cabinets. I picked up foam core and mat board for the design board for the new federal courthouse annex judges chamber area.

Wednesday: I finished the Stafford drawing by creating another 2 options for the height of the cabinets and sending that to the client. Then I organized and laid out the swatches of carpet, paint, wall coverings and rubber base on the board to see which orientation made the most sense. I then created a legend for the swatches to be glued on the back so that it would be clear where all of the materials would be placed.

Thursday: I wrapped up 2 mirrors that we had sold to a client. I glued the design board together and took them to the courthouse to be reviewed.

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