Olivia Wideman @ LS3P 2.15-2.19

Date: 2.15.2021- 2.19.2021

Hours Worked: 16

AXP Hours: 16


This week at LS3P I worked on two different projects. LS3P is working on a new school called Robert Smalls International Academy (RSIA) in Beaufort. It is both a middle school and high school combined into one. They are at the end of their development on the project so they had me help with redlines for their construction documents. I worked on those all week alongside another project.  The second project I was working on was the QVC breakroom in Florence. I had to set up the casework for the breakroom and help my coworker, Jasmaine, make it as functional as possible. Each week I am starting to feel like I am getting more and more proficient in Revit, which is exciting. 

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