Lauren Calvin + Synchronicity | 2.15.21-2.18.21

Weekly hours: 17.25 | Total Hours: 71.50

Monday 02.15.21

  • Today was a slow day.
  • I organized, fixed red lines for the Lennar kiosk, printed, and red lined the drawing myself.

Tuesday 02.16.21

  • I had lots to do today and performed a variety of tasks. Tuesdays and Thursday’s are my longest days.
  • I went over the new red lines for the Lennar kiosk project.
  • Went to the team meeting to review all the projects.
  • Afterwards I made the final changes to the red lines for the Lennar kiosk.
  • I put in the new structural drawing that were sent by the engineering consultants into the permit set for DR Horton- Pinehills. I then printed and red line these drawings before handing them to someone else to red line.
  • Lastly, I looked at the Mungo proposal and looked at everything that is included in a proposal.

Wednesday 02.17.21

  • Today was a short day. I was only in for 3 hours.
  • I started my day meeting with a coworker getting a new assignment
  • I then revised the plans for DR Horton- French Quarter Creek.
  • Also, I revised the structural drawings for DR Horton Pinehills

Thursday 02.18.21

  • This was my other longest day and the longest day I had this week.
  • Learned to do the door and window schedules.
  • Fixed the door and window schedules for the Stribling residence
  • Learned how to take the Layout elevations from sketchup
  • Edit and create elevations with window tags for the Stribling residence
  • Put in datums for the elevations for Stribling
  • Made changes to the power, gas, and lighting plans for the Stribling Residence
  • I got the first pass at the store front door elevations for the Bevi Bene project.


I am learning more and more every week construction drawings and different ways to create them. I had never used Layout before but now I know how to make and edit elevations from the Layouts in Sketchup. By editing the red line drawings for the structural, floor plants, lighting gas and power, and more I am learning about each of the different aspects that goes into the permit set. Not only am I learning about the construction drawings but also the professional side. The professional side includes communicating with clients and consultants.

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