Ryan Bing @ Synchronicity – Week 11: 11/16-11/22

Hours Worked: 21.5

Total Hours:  194.5

Monday 11.16.20 – After one day in the office, because one of our coworkers tested positive for Covid-19 over the weekend, we started the week off by grabbing our work machines and taking them back home to quarantine. After getting situated I picked up with the shed for the Marina Store on Shem Creek red lines and then went on to do Drop In Roof Terrace red lines.

Tuesday 11.17.20 – Continued working on Drop In red lines. Once done, I began reviewing the proposal for Unity Alley, a new project coming on board to envision programming options for the client.

Wednesday 11.18.20- The buildings grouped in the Unity Alley project are all adjacent, but in a complex arrangement. Today Jeremy and I were asked to examine those buildings and produce egress diagrams of the existing so that the team could refer to those later on down the road as program options are developed.

Thursday 11.19.20 – During the daily meeting today, Luke shared some knowledge and insight on FEMA flood zones and how they impact the urban fabric of Charleston. After the meeting I went back and updated the structural changes that I outlined for GreenHeart’s Grow Food Garden, and sent it out to the client, and then worked on a concept sketch for Unity Alley programming.

Friday 11.20.20 – Red line corrections for Mungo and wrapped up the programming concept sketch for Unity Alley.

Thoughts: Put in the most hours this week, but for the most part, worked on more engaging projects and tasks, which made it much more enjoyable. Overall a good last week and an educational internship experience. Synchronicity was a good firm to learn from because of their dedication to speed and efficiency and their very solid work.

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