Lindsey Sinisi, Week 11.16.20-11.24.20

LS3P & Associates

Monday: 4 hours / Project Planning & Design

I met with Greg to go over the hand renderings and get his feedback. I was a little disappointed because it was clear I had misunderstood some of his ideas, but it was a lesson learned that if I’m ever unsure about something I need to ask questions to clarify sooner rather than later. I continued to work on the sketches and change them.

Tuesday : 4 hours/ Project Planning & Design

First thing I got to sit in on the meeting for the Woolfe Hotel interiors! This was something we had been preparing for for weeks and we were all a little nervous for. It was the first time I really got to observe a pitch for a job, because we had the exterior design but this was our bid for the interiors part. I learned a lot of lessons during this pitch, and overall was really proud of what we had done. I observed things I might want to do better, specifically related to public speaking. Fingers crossed we get the job! The last hour and a half of the morning I finished the last option for the hand renderings and sent them to Greg for feedback.

Wednesday: 5 hours / Project Planning & Design

In the morning I quickly modeled a massing based off a floor plan and one elevation sketch to get perspectives printed for Brian Wurst to produce hand renderings off of. That was pretty challenging but I had to do it quickly and efficiently because I had a lot of things to do for Greg as well. After I got that finished I Photoshopped images for all of the options to send to Greg based off of his feedback.

Tuesday (Nov. 24): 4.25 hour / Project Planning & Design, .5 hour / Practice Management

After taking a break for my final review, I came back for my last day. I walked in to Chick-fil-A breakfast and a sign for me in the main area, along with one taped to my cubicle. I spoke with many people and really felt so appreciated. I spent the morning creating and editing the Photoshopped renders, and created something I was proud of. For the last half hour I had a debriefing meeting with Kameron, Brian, Emily and Christine. We talked about what I had learned, what they could do better for their next interns, how I had accomplished my goals and advice for the future. It really was a great conversation that made my last day such a good experience.


Total AXP Hours: 192 hours 



This last week included many great conversations with different people and lots of lessons learned and advice. I observed a client pitch meeting, drew up designs for a sculptural and experiential addition, and created massing for a project that didn’t even have a Revit model yet. I learned that the images you show are so important, not to focus on mistakes when presenting but to present with confidence and to focus on the positives. I saw how important it is to fight for your ideas. I got advice for applying to other firms, such as to examine their values and ask if they really live by them. They all expressed hope that I come back, and I am really interested in their other offices when I graduate. Overall, my third stint at LS3P truly made me feel like I belonged there, and that everyone welcomed me there too. I really can’t speak enough of how well they treat their people and the experience they give.

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