Herlong Architects + Claire McManus : Week 10 – 11/9 – 11/13

Week 10 : 16 hours

11/9  – 11/13


Flatfish Island Designs – Folly Tide


Monday : 4 hours

I continued working on the Folly Tide SketchUp model.  I finished adding materiality where I could this far, and began working on the roof structure.


Tuesday : 4 hours

I continued working on the roof.  This is typically where I struggle the most, just making it all fit together.  I also adjusted some of the header heights for the windows.


Wednesday : 4 hours

I finished my contract hours today! I will, however, continue working through next week at least.  I added trim work to the model and cleaned it up a bit. I began setting up a scene for a sketchy-rendering look. I want to make this one stand out from the others so that each model catches peoples’ attention in different ways.

Thursday : 4 hours


I had to go back through and finish details today.  (Garage doors, railing I missed previous, pool, vegetation, etc.) I also began experimenting with different styles.


Weekly AXP Hours: 16 hours / Project Development & Documentation


Weekly Lessons Learned: Over the whole semester, I’ve really improved on roofs in SketchUp, at least I think I have.  But aside from modeling on the computer, I really think I am understanding more so how it works in actual construction too. How the eaves and rafters work, and how they are assembled.  I am including an image of the porch roof detail of the model I’ve been working on that I snapped a few days ago to show how I build them in SketchUp.

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