Claire McManus + Herlong Architects : Week 9 : 11/2 – 11/6

Week 9 : 8 hours

11/2 – 11/6


Flatfish Island Designs – Folly Tide


Thursday : 4 hours

This week was a short week for me.  I began working on a Flatfish model on SketchUp so I can do a render that can be used for marketing.  I also e-mailed my boss to ask if there were any houses under construction that I could visit.  Maybe I can make it by one before the semester ends!


Friday : 4 hours

I continued working on the SketchUp model for Folly Tide.  I began adding windows and materiality.


Weekly AXP Hours: 8 hours / Project Development & Documentation


Weekly Lessons Learned: This week was a rather short week of working due to Fall break, and not feeling well on Wednesday, but I think overall throughout the semester one of the greatest things I have taken away from practicing architecture virtually is that it is very doable and works out great when you have good communication and are dependable to work with.  Everyone in the firm must pull their weight and be willing to communicate as much needed in any way possible.  I think even after this pandemic is over, architects will take into consideration more virtual practice, which is great!

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