George Sorbara + Cummings & McCrady, Inc. Architects 10/19/20 – 10/22/20

George Sorbara + Cummings & McCrady, Inc. Architects 10/19/20 – 10/22/20

Daily Logs:


Hours worked: 4

Ben had a presentation today in attempts to secure a project relating to the Dorchester Law Enforcement Center. He needed a few images photoshopped in order to show the clients the scope of work and potential design of the existing spaces. John and I worked together to prepare some of the presentation and images.



Hours worked: 4

Continued work on the Gifford Rosenwald School revit model and renderings. Detailing interiors and adding furniture layouts, designing original windows and frames. Completing the 3D modeling, assigning materials in Enscape, texture mapping, and photoshop work.



Hours worked: 4

Ben assigned me an accent wall and finish plan for the Folly Beach City Hall Renovations. These plans are going to be used in a client meeting next Wednesday to show the location of finishes for the project. Accent walls are different colored walls mainly in the offices of the employees. These plans work hand in hand with the material palette to give the owner and employees options for finishes. I set up the sheet, schedule, and list of materials.



Hours worked: 4

Detailing up the Folly Beach City Hall Renovations accent and finish plan for next week.


Total AXP Weekly Hours: 16

Total AXP  Hours: 120

Reflection: Ben had a lot of new work for me this week in regards to upcoming meetings. The accent, finish plan was something that I had never done before, so it was nice to get that experience. It shows how an architect’s duties reign to the very end of a project through the construction phase. These are all extra steps that display good practice and things I seek to replicate in my future practice.


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