Aaron Autry + JMO Woodworks Week of 10.19 – 10.23

Since I am ahead on my hours that I need to work for the semester in order to fill out my end of the contract; the entirety of this week I spent at JMO was working on a personal project of mine while having the knowledge and the tools of the people who work there at my disposal.  This was a great privilege to me and I greatly appreciate everybody at the shop who helped with this project.  The project involved two large bent laminations that were going to be assembled in the end into a laptop stand for my Intro to Craft class.  Never having done a bent lamination before, it was nice to have all the necessary tools, such as a large vacuum table at my disposal to make the process go as smooth as possible.  First step was to glue together a large MDF form so that the thin sheet of veneer could bend around them, giving the laminations their shape.  Next the veneer sheet were glued together and bent around the form using the vacuum table to assist with the clamping pressure needed to get a tight bend and final shape.  After leaving the laminations in the vacuum table overnight they were then cut down to their final size and shape at JMO.  Once again all of this type of woodworking was very new to me so it was nice to be able to ask more experienced woodworkers for assistance during the process.


Forms Before Assembly
Forms Cut to Final Shape
Form Out of Vacuum Bag
Veneers In Vacuum Bag

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