Week 3: Sept 21-25 – Red Iron Architects

Monday (9/21): Render for Clients – Residence (PP&D: 4)

Tuesday (9/22): Render for Clients – Residence (PP&D: 3.5)

Wednesday (9/23): Render for Clients – Residence (PP&D: 2.5)

Thursday(9/24): Render for Clients – Residence (PP&D: 4)

Friday(9/125): Today, I visited a site for a building that will house an upcoming charter school. I got all of the measurements for the existing interior of the building and began putting them into Revit. (P&A: 3.5)


This week I did a few more renderings to send to the clients and learned a few more aspects of Enscape. I’ve been learning a lot about materials and other finishes. Then at the end of the week, I went on a site visit and learned about what to look for and what questions to ask when going into a renovation project. I took field notes and measurements of the existing site and have begun putting this information into Revit.



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