Claire McManus + Herlong Architects : Week 3 9.14.2020 – 9.18.2020

Week 3 : 16 hours

9/14  – 9/18


3213 Middle Street Project – Sullivan’s Island


Tuesday : 4 hours

I returned to the office today. It was great to see everyone (at a distance of course)! I met with Steve, my boss, and we talked over some changes and updates that needed to be made to a model for an upcoming design review board submission.   We also talked about render styles and how he prefers a “sketchy” look, so I will work with that when doing the render part.  I began moving walls on the interior and exterior today, adding windows, and making the other changes.


Wednesday: 6 hours

I continued working on model updates today so that I can start working on a render.  I moved all remaining walls on the main floor, second floor, and began working on the ground floor changes.  It’s been helpful to focus on one floor at a time, so I don’t get lost in the moving and addition of things floor to floor.


Thursday: 6 hours

I finished all of the model changes from the CAD files/imports on the SketchUp model and did a quick render to get feedback.  It seems everyone liked it, and nothing major needs to be changed, maybe just the addition of a window or two.  I exported the file like I did for the Flatfish Designs renders I mentioned in previous blogs, but changed the vegetation and overall style up a bit.



Weekly AXP Hours: 16 hours / Project Development & Documentation


Weekly Lessons Learned: This week, I learned just how important grouping and “tags” (or layers) are in SketchUp.  While I have always used groups and entities, working on a pre-existing model showed how easy it makes it when several people are collaborating on one design/model.  It was also very helpful to be able to turn on and off different tags/layers to work one floor at a time.  I’m learning more every day about design and programming as well, and I am really enjoying everything I’ve been working on!

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