Andrew Matthews + COAST, Week 9.6.20 – 9.13.20

You can never get bored in an Architecture Office. 
In addition to the many roles an intern fills (Marketing, Drawing, Document Organizing, Concept Sketching, Phone Answering, and Scheduling Lunch&Learns to name a few), there are always at least a few projects open at a time. On my desk this week are three separate projects with 3 different clients, in 3 separate phases of the practice. I guess that’s why we are allotted two monitors and atleast 10ft of desk space. for some reason I had always assumed Architecture was a project at a time and that days and weeks would be organized by project completion or incremental deliverables (as in studio), but in practice, every project happens simultaneously, just about every week. For that reason I think it is hard for most people to understand the normal day of an Architect, in part due to the absence of normal.

Example of my typical Day-to-Day:
9am – 10am: Reply to emails, categorize and compile material sample book library (Clerical/Managerial)
10am – 11am: Correct red lines for Permit Set of a new medical office building in Revit (Technical Drawing)
11am – 12pm: Draft Architectural Submittal for IDC Contract and new projects (Graphic Design/Documentation)
Dead Time: Update and Refine a campus master plan 3D model in SketchUp (Conceptial/Modeling)

It’s a full day…. and the end of a short week!

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