R. Bing @ LS3P/Week 7

March 2: 

4 hours (Project Development and Documentation)

Under direction of David Quick, I made some revisions to the RCPs for the Florence Crittendon Project. I believe these chances were made through coordinating with MEP, as some of the ceilings necessitated more space for systems within them, while others actually were brought higher up.

March 3: 

4 hours (Project Development and Documentation)

Working with Emily Dawson on the renovation at 171 Moultrie Drive for the Citadel, I started working on simply laying a CD set. Working out of the Revit model, there were already some permitting sets and BAR presentation sets, but there are still details and sections that need to be added. Basically I created new sheets and dragged views onto them, and began to systematize an order to the sheets.

March 4: 

4 hours (Project Development and Documentation)

Continuing work on this CD set, I started working on the window jamb and sill details for 171 Moultrie, being sure to use the CAD details from the actual manufacturer.


March 5: 

4 hours (Project Development and Documentation)

I continued making progress on the CD set, working to finish up the window jamb and sill details that I started on Wednesday, as well as various other drawings that should be included in this set.


My experience this week was different from in past weeks, as this is the first week of this internship that I have been largely involved in a CD set. This is a valuable experience, and one that I had been wanting to partake in for a while. It seems like the way in which a CD set is crafted has a lot to do with the relevant context in which the project is being delivered–for example, a general understanding of the particular contractor and what they are used to, the type of project (is it residential construction, commercial, renovation, etc.), as well as other factors, can all impact what goes into the CD set. Getting this particular aspect dialed in correctly takes experience, so it seems like an area that is best completed by consulting those in the firm with that level of experience, if available.

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