Week 9 of 3.09.2020 – 3.12.2020

Week 9 of 3.09.2020 – 3.12.2020
Total AXP Hours: 17
– Punch List Finalization, Documentation, and Disbursement (1.5 hours)
AXP Credit –  1.5 hours of Construction & Evaluation
– 107 Wentworth CAD drawings into Revit (3.5 hours)
AXP Credit –  3.5 hours of Project Development & Documentation
– 107 Wentworth CAD drawings into Revit and helped with Folly Beach City Hall Renderings (4 hours)
AXP Credit –  4 hours of Project Planning & Design
– 107 Wentworth Material Selections and began 4 Scheme Renderings (8 hours)
AXP Credit –  8 hours of  Project Planning & Design
Weekly Reflection:
This week has been a nice change of pace. It has been really fun getting back into Revit and building 107 Wentworth to render. We have 4 different design schemes, so I am working on getting renderings of those spaces to have options to show the client on our April 27th meeting. I have very quickly learned Enscape and all of the things that are possible and made available through that rendering software. I have attached my first draft rendering that I have been working on.

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