Week 7: The Trouble with Developer Projects

It was a slow week as the principals of the firm were away for the Clemson Career Fair. This week was mainly redlines to construction documents for two major developer projects. The firm will be switching to Revit for future projects as it is evident that the scope of the projects is beyond the capabilities of CAD. Even though developer projects are about a third of the projects taken on by the firm, they take the most time mostly due to revisions in construction documents that have to be carried through out each building. For example, one project had all the construction documents for duplexs in one set, but because each side of the duplex had its own lot the drawings had to be separated out into two different drawing sets. Rather than design work, it has been updating and copying sheets. I think in the future this will all be streamlined when a more efficient software for updates is used.

Week: 17:00

Total: 118:30 hours

Monday – 4:00

  • Redlines on CDs (Project Planning & Design) 4 hr

Tuesday – 4:45

  • Redlines on CDs (Project Planning & Design) 4.75 hr

Wednesday – 4:00

  • Redlines on CDs (Project Planning & Design) 4 hr

Thursday – 4:15

  • Redlines on CDs (Project Planning & Design) 4.25 hr

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