Week 6: Feb 17-20

Last Tuesday, we met with our client for the Green Heart/Grow Food project to go over our design concept. Green Heart is an after school program to teach children from the local school the importance of agriculture and is supported by Grow Food, who supplied the program with a small garden space. Our task is to design and build an acoustical fence to provide privacy and decrease noise coming from the busy street. The client liked our concept but there were items that we were not totally aware of such and where students would be in relation to the teacher and it turned out to be the opposite from what we were initially thought. When it comes to the Lennar Midtown project, which consists of 14, multi-unit residential buildings, I learned the impact of a project passing through several different hands before landing in my own. The door schedule for the building I was working on did not line up with the plans and there was no clear organization. Luckily, another building was a copy and it’s schedule was correct, but it took some time digging around for the proper one. 


Monday (Feb 17)

Drew simple egress plans to be posted in each bedroom at the Old Village Post House Inn

-AXP Hours: 1.5 Construction + Evaluation

Dimensioned flex bedroom options and tagged lighting fixtures

-AXP Hours: 2.5 Project Development + Documentation


Tuesday (Feb 18)

Dimensioned flex bedroom options and tagged lighting fixtures

-AXP Hours: 4.5 Project Development + Documentation

Team meeting to discuss current projects, goals, and tasks 

-AXP Hours: 1  Practice Management

Met with clients on site to go over design proposal for an acoustical fence for Green Heart/ Grow Food South Carolina. 

-AXP Hours: 0.5 Project Management  


Wednesday (Feb 19)

Met with the project team to go over tasks and goals for the Lennar Midtown project

-AXP Hours: 1 Project Management

Debriefed meeting with client for the Green Heart/Grow Food Project to go over next our next design move.

-AXP Hours: 1 Project Management 

Dimensioning and tagging a flex option bedrooms in Lennar Midtown

-AXP Hours: 2 Development and Documentation


Thursday (Feb 20)

Updated elevations and added construction notes for Lennar Midtown 

-AXP: 2.5 Development and Documentation 

Assembling the door schedule for Lennar

-AXPL 2.5 Development and Documentation


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