Week 5: 2/10 – 2/13


Monday, February 10

Hours Worked: 8:00 – 1:00  Total: 4 hours

  • Wambaw – Revisions and code review
  • Office Meeting

AXP Category: Project Development & Documentation and Programing & Analysis

Tuesday, February 11

Hours Worked: 8-2:30 Total: 6.5 hours

  • Refuel – Revisions

AXP Category: Project Development & Documentation

Wednesday, February 12

Hours Worked: 8-12:30 Total: 4.5 hours

  • Door Schedule – The Refinery
  • Site Visit – The Refinery
  • Ashley River – Revisions

AXP Category: Project Development & Documentation and Construction & Evaluation

Thursday, February 13

Hours worked: 8-12:00

  • Ashley River – Revisions
  • 741 Meeting Street – Ceiling Plan
  • Wendy’s – Setting up Construction Template

AXP Category: Project Development & Documentation



This week I’ve worked on mostly revisions for different projects. The project that I was most excited about was the Wambaw project. Within this project, I had the opportunity to review the occupancy load and bathroom count, which required me to navigate the IBC book. It was nice to navigate through the codebook again, which was something I haven’t done since the summer. I also was able to experience a situation that has happened on a job site. A new contractor was put on the job, and he received the old plans for the foundation detail. By visiting the site and coming up with a solution for the detail, we were able to work around the mistake. This was a great experience to see how architects and contractors workaround situations that occur while under construction.


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