Last week

My last week was spent completing the submission for the Micro Home, Bee breeder’s association Competition. I loved working on this because I was the main person in charge not only of scheduling, design but also production. I learned a lot about the layout of small homes but also about time management because we entered the competition a little later and everyone had other projects to work on but we made it work.
I also finished up some previous projects that I had been working on like 19 Logan where Simons needed to get some design options out to the client and 540 King where they were redesigning portions of the previous BAR submission.

I am very grateful for this opportunity. I was terrified going to work for a small firm because I thought that the workload would be too much for me to handle and I would not have enough knowledge but Simons and everyone else in the office were very helpful, I asked a lot of questions to which they patiently gave me answers and explanations. I want to think that I also contributed positively to the firm. I learned much more than I had anticipated to and to me that is a big success.

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