Project Management and BAR submittal

Monday October 28th

Micro Homes Competition (3h – Project Management)

Today I was put in charge of managing a competition that we are entering. The competition it for a Micro Home design organized by the Bee Breeders organization.

I went over the requirements and set up a spread sheet with the requirements, the deliverables, the points that we have to touch upon and proceeded to create a schedule for the competition. Everyone has other projects that they are working on so it is important to have deadlines for each deliverable. This is a non billable project so we can’t spend all of our efforts on it. I then started to look at precedents on tiny homes and started sketching out layouts to understand the amount of space we are working with: only 269 for a young professional couple. It was a fun exercise.

Tuesday October 29th

540 King (5h- Project development and Design)

Today I continued helping with the 540 King BAR submission creating streetscapes, facades and building elevations. I worked in Revit and photoshop to do this. This took most of the day. I also worked on area calculations for The Eden project a residential project.

Wednesday October 30th

540 King (3h- Project development and Design)

Today i continued helping with the 540 King BAR submittal and editing facades and elevation drawings. I also started looking at precedents for the micro home competition and putting them in a folder so we can reference back to what has already been done and develop new typologies of micro homes.

Thursday October 31st 

540 King (3h-Project development and Design)
Micro Homes (2h-Project development and Design)

Since I am not working tomorrow I had to make sure I was done doing what needed to be done for the submittal for 540 King street which I did for half of the day.
I then started sketching out typologies of micro homes one with a horizontal layout and one with a vertical layout. It is not working quite as well as I wanted to but it is getting there

Lessons Learned:

This week I learned more about:

  • Coordinating schedules
  • Setting deadlines
  • Working with a limited amount of space
  • Tiny space layouts and programming
  • Think outside of the box when thinking about architectural typologies

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