Blog Post 10/28-10/31

10/28 – Worked on an electrical plan for a Kiawah Residence Addition.

10/29 – Worked on wall sections for the Kiawah Residence Addition.

10/30 – Finished working on electrical plan for Kiawah Residence Addition.

10/31 – Finished working on wall sections for Kiawah Residence Addition.

Weekly Reflection

As a part of the process for making the electrical plan for the Kiawah Residence Addition, I was tasked with creating a universal electrical plan legend that will be used for future projects as well as the current one. I had to create symbols using the detail groups already existing so future revit files will no longer be bogged down with detail groups. This helped me learn about how to create symbols as well as how to create things in revit that will be used continuously in future projects and how to help myself and my coworkers in the long run. I also learned more about what goes into wall sections, which I feel is very beneficial because once a person is able to construct a typical wall section, that person then has the ability to tweak wall sections in whatever way needed.

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