Week 10.7.19 – 10.10.19

10.07.19 Practice Management | Project Planning & Design, 5.5 hours

  • All staff meeting
  • Continued work on the Roper Hospital Revit model, focused on detailing the exterior walls with the different cornices, moldings, and storefront mullions

10.08.19 Project Planning & Design | Construction & Evaluation, 5 hours

  • Continued to work on Revit model
  • Updated titleblock on a Roper life safety plan by going into an existing Revit model for the plans and an old AutoCAD file for the title sheet. There were some unexpected issues with both files so I had to problem solve with our BIM manager for a chunk of time (see reflection below)

10.09.19 Project Planning & Design, 5.5 hours

  • Finished up some details on the Roper Revit model and then designed the landscape/courtyard between the existing building (which I had been modeling) and the new proposed building (which my coworker had been modeling). I did a little research about hospital landscaping and meditative gardens before getting out trace paper and sketching over the existing site plan. I pulled general shapes from an existing courtyard nearby and organized them in the new space so that they would align with a cross axis between the two buildings


  • Did not work (out of town)


  • This week I learned a little more about wall sections and exterior construction details. I was referencing an existing CD set created by a different firm in order to build the Roper Hospital shell in Revit. Although we were on a time crunch, I tried to be as accurate as possible while building the shell – therefore I was flipping back an forth from wall sections and details frequently. I took time to look at the details and understand the construction types I wasn’t familiar.
  • The titleblock updating task turned out to be more time intensive than I originally thought. I called on our BIM manager to help me problem solve some things and during that process I learned more about Revit and CAD. For example, when loading a family, if you click overwrite the existing version the family will change but preserve the values you have altered within the project. If you click overwrite the existing version and its parameter values, the family will update and change every instance of that family you have placed in the project. Other things I learned with Andrew (the BIM manager) include Revit plugins (I can’t remember the name of specific plugin we encountered) and how they don’t affect ownership of models and that you can have an xref within an xref in AutoCAD. I really enjoy problem solving with him because he’s patient and answers all of my absurd questions. I recently realized that I have a lot of questions about basic Revit functions and why/how the program works in certain ways however I’ve never asked anyone for fear of taking too much of their time. Having a BIM manager around the office allows me to freely ask all of my questions and understand more about Revit.

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