Meadors 10.16-10.17


8:00-12:00 Project Development and Documentation

  • Benjamin Mays Historic Site
    • Redlines
  • Jacobik Residence
    • Electrical


8:00-12:5 Project Development and Documentation

  • Jacobik Residence
    • Electrical

Week Reflection


  • Jacobik Residence Renovation, Isle of Palms, SC, Jeremy Tate / Madden Frieberg
    • Scope includes work from Pre Design, SD, DD, CDs, Permitting and CA as Meadors expands the 2nd floor over the existing 1st floor, adds a new master suite, half bath, expanded kitchen, replaces and removes windows and siding. Providing layouts, materials and finish selections and structural modifications.
    • With a short week I’ve been working on electrical for the residence. Both floors needed lighting, outlets, switches, supply and return and smoke detectors located. An RCP and Power Plan were created to show this as well as setting up a fixture schedule. It’s a more technical task with thinking about code and reasonable – good lighting, but it is an important one to be done.

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